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Our small par 3 course, at just 9 holes and 611 yards long, can be played within an hour and is perfect for beginners, young golfers and families.

Complete each hole in as few strikes as possible. Called "Par 3" as each hole should ideally be completed in 3 shots, but it is more likely for beginners to complete in anything from 7 - 10 shots The Pitch & Putt course runs alongside our FootGolf course and both can be played by the same group or you are welcome to play 1 round of each on the 1 day ticket


If you are playing Pitch & Putt - play from the yellow Tee towards the red flags with the smaller hole on the green ahead.

It is important you respect others on the course and keep to your tee time. Strictly 1 group per hole at any one time - never play through the group ahead of you unless you are asked to do so - it is dangerous if they aren't expecting you. Within your group, it is common golf etiquette to allow the person further from the flag to go first.

This way, your group is safe from stray balls by always being behind the player in action.

Par 3 prices




Under 16


12 adults & 2 children or 1 adult
and 3 children)
PLEASE NOTE: Clubs can be hired from the clubhouse for £1.
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